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St. John's has been a busy place in 2010. All glory to God our King! Here are a few highlights in some areas of the year so far!

The Youth Group consists of around 30 young guys and gals who meet on the second Wednesday of each month. At their meetings the youth have a Bible study, discuss business plans and plans for the month and socialize with games, etc. The Youth have been working on Saturday nights at the Finch Theatre a sa community project throughout the school year for about four years now. The kids do a great job and plan to help out again starting this September. They also plan to do a community project once a month besides working at the theatre.

The Youth Group had a Valentine's Dinner Theatre on February 14th with "Little Italy" as their theme. A delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs with al the Italian trimmings was served. The atmosphere was fantastic with all the beautiful decorations. Pre-meal games were played which proved fun and door prizes were given. Of course, the entertainment was unbelievable once again. You had to be there! We are blessed with much talent and some of the performers were serious and some were not! If you want to see guys dressed up in formals and kids in all kinds of outfits, you needed to be there! All kinds of entertainment! All kinds of fun! what a great group of Christian young people! The dinner theatre sold out once again this year. The kids appreciate all who attended!

The Youth had an Easter Sunrise Service and a breakfast following the service for all who attended on April 4. The service was meaningful and inspirational and the breakfast casseroles, pastries, etc were enjoyed by everyone. The Youth also traveled to Fort Worth, TX for their Mission trip this year over spring break. The group helped at the Food Bank in Fort Worth and also at the Union Gospel Mission, which is a homeless shelter. These places really did appreciate the help and the youth learned much also. Mission work is a benefit to both! Fun was had on the trip as the kids enjoyed their nice motel with a swimming pool, hot tub, exercise room and free breakfasts and suppers. The youth went to one really nice restaurant and ate out together, went to a huge shopping mall where many went ice skating, spent time at the Fort Worth Zoo and Old Town Fort Worth and visited Six Flags for a day. The youth also went to Sunday school and church on Sunday. Many thanks to all the kids for the Mission work and for being such good kids on the trip! Thanks to all the sponsors who went along also! It was a great time!

The Youth continue to have meetings this summer and had a Bake Sale on June 5th. There are plans to play volleyball on August 12th and have a short meeting. The youth have invited the Catholic youth, Beverly youth, Bethany youth and perhaps Ellsworth youth to join them. They will also have a BBQ after volleyball. On August 15th the kids are going bowling. Cemetary mowing is being done by the youth this summer. We congratulate all the kids who made it to state this year in various school activities. Great job! Our elected officers for this year are: Alexandra Feldkamp, Pres., Taylor Biggs, Vice-Pres., Victoria Feldkamp, Sec., nd Shelby Wohler, Treas. A Youth Board meeting is planned for Aug 11. We thank the Youth for all they do throughout the year. Many youth help with VBS, various programs and services, just so many activities! The Youth thanks Vicar Tim and Sandra for their contributions this past year and would like to thank their sponsors all who support them with their dinners, projects and all their many efforts throughout the year!

The St. John Choir concluded their singing season in the middle of May with special songs for Graduation and Mother's Day. The choir sang for Sunday services through the year and also sang for Lenten services at both St. John and St. Paul. A Men's Choir was formed and they sang three selections one Sunday. Of course, the men were truly awesome! The Choir sang special selections for Confirmation/Palm Sunday and for Easter. Choir members always have fun together and the choir and youth planned a surprise birthday party for Sonja. A fun time was had and delicious cakes and ice cream were enjoyed by all. Also, the choir enjoyed their end of the year Pie Party, which is always a must! We thank the choir for all their beautiful music and thank Tyler Breneman for accompanying the choir this past year. He did a fantastic job and we are blessed to have him and thank God for his talent. In addition, we thank all those instrumentalists who accompanied the choir on various anthems. Choir will start once again in the fall! Come and join us in singing praises to our God and King!

MOTHER'S MORNING OUT It was a huge success once again this summer! This is a time when parents can drop off their children at the church and have a few hours to themselves, either relaxing or getting some much needed things done while the kids are gone. Mother's Morning Out was held on Monday mornings in July. 18 kids participated. Our theme this year was holidays. We celebrated a different holiday each week. We celebrated the 4th of July where our theme was the freedom we have because Jesus died for us; Christmas - Jesus' birth; Easter - Jesus' resurrection; and Thanksgiving - Thanks to God who gives us all things. Art projects and refreshments went along with the theme of the day. The kids also made cards for Russell Voeltz, who resides in Windsor Estates in Salina and Deb Breneman who just had some surgery. A great time was had playing together (hiding from one another in Hide 'n Seek) and just being with each other. Many thanks to Tyler and Kyle Breneman, Tanner O'Bannon and Bjorn Jonsson who were great helpers this year!

The Dorcas Society and LWML ladies are active in many ways helping St. John. They also help in the community and various ways in many different places. As some women can't come to afternoon LWML meetings, an additional group has been formed and are meeting on Sunday mornings once a month. We are grateful for this new group of LWML ladies and are excited about their involvement in LWML. We are grateful for both the Dorcas and LWML are are appreciative for all they do for our church, our community and for their Mission endeavors around the state and around the world.

VBS was held May 24 through May 28 with the closing VBS program on Sunday, May 30. Around 125 excited and anxious kids attended and enjoyed the week. The theme was "BEE-LIEVE." The church was decorated with a fantastic huge Bee-Hive made by Sidona Obermuller. There were, of course, big balloon bees flying around a beautiful garden of flowers, plants and trees. The decorations were colorful and the atmosphere was delightful and helped us all get excited about learning more about Jesus, His life and His love. The children studied five main Bible stories - Jesus in the Temple, Jesus Fed a Big Crowd with Bread and Fish, Jesus Raised Jairus's Daughter from the Dead, Jesus Rose from the Dead, and God Rescued Peter from Jail. The stories were interesting and helped us all grow in faith and Bee-lieve in God's word and all His promises to us. There were art projects that coordinated with the VBS theme or the lesson for the day. The kids looked forward to yummy refreshments and of course, recess! You could feel the excitement in the air. There was a lot of laughter, learning and fun! Certainly, we had many great teachers and helpers. A huge thank you to all who helped in any way with VBS! This is a wonderful means to spread God's word adn a great educational opportunity for so many. Thanks to all who gave their time and efforts in VBS this past spring!

We thank Kylo and Sarah Heller as well as Sonja for teaching Sunday School this past school year. Sonja is teaching summer SS and Kylo and Sarah will join in the teaching of SS this fall once again. We appreciated all their hard work, planning and Christian teaching. The Sunday School rooms were painted in bright happy colors by the youth, sponsors and Lana. When completed, Sidona Obermueller painted precious Christian murals on the walls of the rooms. Sarah Heller made bright new curtains for each room. Everything is so cute and the kids are excited about their new looking rooms! Thanks to all who helped with this project. A special thank you to Sarah for the darling curtains. She can really sew! Also to Sidona for her many hours of planning and work. We are blessed to have someone so artistic!

The SS and WDS kids have chosen Haiti for their 2010 Mission project. After the disaster in Haiti, the children wanted to help those unfortunate people in some way. They have been collecting money for this project and will continue to do so through 2010. We all can help with Missions even if only in some small way. Ten young guys and gals were confirmed on Palm Sunday. Youngsters followed those being confirmed into the church waving Palm branches. Congratulations to those ten young people and wwe wish them all God's blessings as they continue on their Christian path. The SS and WDS kids gave a program in church April 25 on David and Goliath. Following church, the kids ate in the Fellowship Hall and then left to see a movie together in the afternoon. Around 60 participated in the day's events. It was a great day! The last Wednesday of April the children had a fun day and BBQ in WDS to finish out the year. We had around 40 kids in WDS this year and 15 in Confirmation. It was a wonderful year and we look forward to WDS and Confirmation beginning in the middle of September!

Those helping with WDS this year will be Pastor, Sonja, Anna Marie Wolting, Mona Wolting, Art Wagoner, Tyler Breneman, Mindy Lewick, Marj Aufdemberge and Brandi Krueger. We thank all of these people who helped last year also and who are cheerfully willing to help once again. Vicar Holmes will also be helping with WDS and we look forward to getting to know him and are anxious to work with him. We thank Vicar Tim and Sandra who helped with WDS and VBS last year and with so many various activities. We will miss you, Tim and Sandra! We thank all our young people for their special music that enhances our worship services. Also, we thank all those who serve the Lord by Acolyting on Sunday mornings. We are blessed to have so many great kids at St. John!



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