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Worship: In my short time here at St. John we have introduced several small changes in our worship and hope to continue to work at making worship reverent, meaningful, and uplifting, while at the same time somewhat less formal to a degree. We continue to look for alternative music to accompany our hymnal with some contemporary Christian music. In addition to this, we hope to utilize our Weekday school children to enhance our worship with their gifts of music as well.

Christian Education: We continue to be blessed with a very active Weekday school on Wednesdays during the school year. We have very good teachers who are dedicated to providing valuable Christian educations to our young people. I want to thank all those who volunteer their time and talents to help us out including the ladies who help in the kitchen. My hope is more families will attend Adult Bible Class on Sunday mornings and bring their children to Sunday school and church.

Inreach/Outreach: I continue to make calls and visits for potential new members and am making a concerted effort to reach those members who need encouraged to worship with us. My hope is to continue to schedule visits throughout the year. I have been very pleased and encouraged with many of our volunteers who have reached out to help needy families in the community.

We are in the process of producing new directories for our three churches. Olin mills will do the work for St. Paulís and Trinity in Hunter. Joan Detmer has graciously agreed to produce the directory for St. John. We will begin work on St. Johnís directory when we have completed the other two. It has been approximately ten years since we have produced directories and our membership has changed and the new directories will help our new members put names to faces.

Missions: In addition to our local mission efforts we continue to support our mission efforts overseas as well. Having said that we are in need of funds for our own church. We have long thought of missions of being overseas, however, the United States is now the second largest non-Christian mission field in the world. We have a large population of unchurched and unbelieving people we need to reach right here at home. I pray God will move us to reach out in our own community and that our own members will consider giving more of their gifts to their church home needs.

Vision: I am now completing my second year as the pastor at St. John and have enjoyed my time here very much. I have seen our members grow in their mission minded approach to ministry especially on the local level. We have long been very intentional in our overseas mission efforts and I want to see that continue. We consistently exceed our overseas mission budget, which is to be commended. At the same time, I want to continue to train our members to focus also on reaching out in our own community as well. If we hope to reach the lost and grow our church numerically we must be diligent and regular in our own worship practices and models of Christian outreach and living. I want to encourage all our members to be regular in worship and intentional in outreach. I pray God will bless us in our mission and ministry and that his many blessings will be yours today and forevermore.

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